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Load-bank testing ensures performance, reliability

A load-bank test is an essential part of any preventive maintenance practice to ensure your standby generator performs in the event of a power failure. This test checks the generator engine’s ability to perform and provide the required horsepower needed in an emergency. A generator typically runs at a level less than the unit’s rated output capability, so a load bank test provides an artificial load that brings the engine to an acceptable operating temperature, ensuring functionality when your business needs it most.

Over time, lightly loaded generator sets develop wet-stacking and carbon buildup in the combustion chambers and exhaust system, which can lead to increased oil and fuel consumption and poor engine performance. The use of a load bank helps prevent this and determines the generator’s capability to produce maximum output in terms of amperage and horsepower.

At minimum, a load bank test should be performed on an annual basis to improve the life of the engine and alternator. The test gives you peace of mind that your generator will remain reliable throughout power interruptions and keeps your business running.
Fuel Testing Polishing
If your operation utilizes power generation and standby systems, your Planned Maintenance program should incorporate fuel polishing to ensure the generator’s fuel is at optimal quality in the event of a power outage. Engines intended to supply standby or emergency power are not used frequently and need special considerations for fuel handling and storage.

Over time, free and emulsified water, micro-organisms, organic and non-organic contaminants, and sludge build up in the fuel tank. This foreign matter can clog filters, reduce engine performance, create carbon deposits, cause incomplete combustion and loss of power, and simply wear down fuel system components. Fuel polishing removes these contaminants from the bottom of the tank and adds a fuel catalyst. The fuel is then circulated through a fuel conditioner and a series of filters that will clean and restore the fuel to a clear and bright condition – saving you fuel costs and ensuring the generator engine will operate efficiently at a moment’s notice.

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825 Gatepark Dr.  Daytona Beach, FL 32114
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We offer a variety of service agreement options.  Whether you want your generator inspected monthly, quarterly or yearly, we have the perfect option for you.   There is NEVER A MILEAGE CHARGE to our contracted customers.

Transfer Switches & Annunciator Panels

Whether your existing transfer switch needs to be maintained, repaired or upgraded, or if you need a new switch installed, we can handle all of your switch gear needs.  Both manual & automatic switches are available either with or without remote annunciator panels. 

Our trained technicians can trouble shoot transfer switch controls, remote annunciator panels and all other generator and switch controls.

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